5 Steps to Identify a Quality Melbourne Removalist For Your Move

Spotting a quality removalist in Melbourne let alone around the country can be a difficult task, but its importance can only be highlighted by the people who have gone through horror removal experiences who have opted to hire the wrong one. Hiring an unqualified and inexperienced removalist can sure save you a lot of money but on the flip side it can also cost you loads of money in property damages, items damages and having to deal with an unfinished job resulting you having to hire another removalist to pick up the pieces of the first one. So why put yourself through the pain and misery the first time, just make sure you do it right the first time around by following the steps outlined below.

  1. Do they have a valid Australian Business Number(ABN)?
    With removals in Melbourne being big business, you can be sure there is no shortage of Melbourne Removalists who want to take on the job for you, however you do need to understand, obtaining a large truck and a couple of people to move your belonging is not a hard thing to do, but doing the job well and creating a reputation in the industry is. So be sure that you are not dealing with any fly-by-night Removalists with a dodgy reputation. Usually no Australian Business Number means not a trusted business and definitely no insurance to cover your items. So be sure to check that the Removalists ABN is active and current.
  2. Are they members of any industry associations?
    For the most dedicated and professional Removalists in Australia who are serious in building a brand and reputation that lasts for decades to come. They would upkeep certain guidelines and conditions to enable them to become members of several industry associations that uphold the quality of Removalists in operation. This is not mandatory but for example members of the Australian Furniture Removers Association(AFRA) are required to have in place some basic insurance covering Public Liability, Carriers Liability and Motor Vehicle Third Party Liability. The basic insurance mainly covers Transit Insurance.
  3. Do they use professional protective blankets and safety equipment?
    It is commonsense that any items that will be in transit in a Truck will shift a little no matter how careful the best of the best Removalists drive. Therefore it is understood that any items moved need to be wrapped and protected by blankets, lifted with safety equipment and safely strapped once inside the truck to prevent them moving as much as possible during their transit. Any removalist who is foolish enough to omit this process is a removalist that you would want to beware of. At the end of the day, it is your belongings that will be damaged and not theirs.
  4. Do they have positive reviews and testimonials?
    Generally speaking, any Melbourne Removalists who have operated for sometime will have eventually accumulated plenty of positive and negative reviews and testimonials. Reading plenty of reviews from real people will give you an idea of how these Removalists have served their customers in the past and can give you an understanding on they will serve you if you were to book with them. However, be sure to read plenty of these from third party sources such as Product Review, Search Engines, and even quote comparison websites.